PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:    This model works pretty much like the Raticator Plus. However, it’s slightly larger and more powerful. Expect 60 plus kills per set of batteries but if you don’t need to use it that much, the batteries will still last upwards of one year.

Additionally, the Ultra Max features the new and revolutionary infrared detecting system which makes sure it won’t miss anything that enters!

Powered by 4 “D” cells, the Max is the next step in the Rat Zapper line that have proven to be one of the best ways to manage and control small rodent problems in and around the home.

Flashing lights will tell you when you have a catch.  This is definitely the way to go for large infestations or when the target animal is larger than a rat or mouse.

Bait with pet food, bird seed and for added lure, some of our PECAN PASTE. Just be sure to set the Pecan Paste in something that will contain it like a plastic soda bottle or water bottle cap. This way the paste won’t “run” if the device is deployed in a hot area.

HOW IT WORKS:     As mice and rats enter the chamber, they’ll quickly be dispatched by a quick and powerful jolt of electricity. Approximately 60 kills per set of 4 alkaline “D” Cell batteries makes these units easy to use and reusable.

WHERE TO USE IT:    Attics, crawl spaces, garages, drop ceilings and any place where you have rodent activity. Can also be used outside but when doing so, make sure it’s well protected from water. The RATS NEST is designed to help protect it and strongly suggested if you plan on using one in a wet crawl space or outside.

Be sure to keep placements away from where small pets have access. The rule is any dog under 10 lbs will be vulnerable to it; old dogs could get hurt by it as well.

Children and people in general are not at risk though the shock would be painful. To prevent any mishaps, be sure to keep zappers away from where anyone can find it accidentally or if they can, be sure to have it marked clearly so everyone knows it’s capable of delivering an electric shock.

RATE OF APPLICATION:    One every 10 to 15 feet in areas of activity.


$65.00   (822851R) (3+ for $61.00 ea.)
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