PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Fertilizer in a liquid form which contains an 8-16-8 formulation which is quick acting and highly stimulating to plants. When watered into turf, grass will respond with quick growth since they can readily accept the offering.

WHERE TO USE IT: Outside on grass and turf as a foliar or surface treatment.

RATE OF APPLICATION: This will vary from turf species to turf species. A good rule to follow is to start with a pint of fertilizer per acre and mix with at least 20 gallons of water. This breaks down to about 2 oz of fertilizer for every 5000 sq/ft of grass. Use slightly more when you want more rapid growth and less during the hot middle of the summer months when fast growth is not so desirable. Hose end sprayers and our Inline Siphoning Sprayers are good choices for doing the application. To get the maximum impact from this material, be sure to apply it with a lot of water. This can be done following a rain or during heavy irrigation.

$12.00 (953260) 8 oz
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$20.00 (953264) 16 oz
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