PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Bird feeder which has a weight sensitive ledge on which feeding animals must rest to gain access to seed. By controlling the setting of two springs located in the back of the house, you can set the ledge to lower when weights are slightly more then the average bird. This will prevent squirrels and other animals from gaining access to the seed. This house features a Seed holding bin which will hold a lot of seed. 3-5 lbs of most any blend will fit at one time which cuts down on the amount of time spent refilling it. The ledge can be set so that even the lightest of animals will cause it to close. This is a great feature if you have rats or flying squirrels feeding at the house as well as just tree squirrels. Furthermore, it’s housing is a tough heavy gauge steel which is too strong for larger animals like raccoons to pull apart.

$85.00   (953111) Bird Feeder
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OPTIONAL HANGER: Hanger which mounts on the bottom of the feeder. It’s precisely bent to effectively “wrap” around the feeder and has an “eye” on top which can be used to hang it from a tree, deck, etc.

$15.00 (953112) Hanger
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