Snake Lure



PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:       This lure uses a secret formulation used by professionals that snakes can’t ignore and will “smell” from long distances away. Place 4-5 drops on a cotton ball and then set it out in one of our live traps. Renew weekly to keep the smell fresh and highly active.

Now remember its still important to include some kind of live bait inside the trap along with our lure. Something like a frog, lizard, crickets, roaches or mice will usually work. This way when the targeted snakes find your trap, they’ll see there is something inside which in turn makes them want to enter.

This is important to understand; the lure will no doubt attract snakes from afar but it does not excite snakes visually like a live bait can. But once they find your trap, the live offering is “the pot of gold” that will get them to enter.

WHERE TO USE IT: In either the Live Traps or the Glue Trap.

RATE OF APPLICATION: Place 4-5 drops on a cotton ball and place it in the trap. Renew weekly or with every reset of the trap when snakes are removed.


$10.00  1 oz jar (825374)
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$30.00  4 oz jar (825376)
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