PIPE TRAP 15″ X 4″

PIPE TRAP 15" X 4"

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Heavy gauge steel, about 20 gauge, which is 15 inches long with a 4 inch diameter. The trap features a crushing type mechanism located in the middle of the pipe. When set, the pipe appears to be hollow. The trip pan is located in the middle of the tube and when the target animal moves over it, the jaws of the trap move up and crush the animal to the side of the pipe. It works quickly and effectively. An added advantage is that the animal remains inside the pipe barely noticeable after it is killed. Also, the Pipe Trap is easy to hide in the landscape. Just use some pine straw or other natural part of the landscape and as long as you keep both holes visible and above the ground, target animals will find it.

WHERE TO USE IT: Alongside trees you know target animals are using is about the best place to use it but it can be installed on roof tops, in attics, in the yard or in a tree. If you have observed a squirrel using a down spout and using it to climb up and onto a roof top, simply place the trap in front of the downspout for a quick kill. Squirrels are generally not afraid of this trap design and are quite comfortable entering it when placed along common trails they currently use.

RATE OF APPLICATION: Use one trap for every 1-10 animals you think you need to catch. Use one teaspoon of Pecan Paste per set as well which will help get them inside the device a lot faster.

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