Roach Trap 6 Pack w/Lure

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Another glue board trap which features two entry points, a low profile and strong roach pheromones which will lure any species of cockroach inside. People can’t smell the pheromones but roaches can and they will travel over ten feet to find out what smells so good. This package comes with 6 traps and two “pheromone” pouches. The traps have a glue pad and must have their protective wax paper cover removed. Next, lightly sprinkle 1/3  of a pouch of “roach pheromone powder” over the exposed glue inside the trap. The prepared trap is also “pre folded” so the final assembly is easy; just fold it along these lines and secure it up. There is a strong locking tab which does a good job keeping it together. Roaches will enter but cannot escape once they step on the glue. The traps “angled” design is ideal for making placements against walls and other surfaces. The image below shows a glue trap filled with roaches collected after just two weeks.

WHERE TO USE IT: Just about anywhere in the home or office where you have roach activity. They can be used in cabinets, pantries, dressers, closets, garages, basements, desks, book cases, attics, crawl spaces, microwaves, ovens, bedrooms, bathrooms or any other place where you see activity. Roaches will smell the pheromone, come to the trap and enter. Once they do they’ll get stuck as seen in this photo:


RATE OF APPLICATION: 2-3 per room which has activity. In the open, each trap has an effective range up to 20 feet (10 feet in each direction). In a pantry or cabinet, this range will be severely limited so use more when making hidden or sealed placements. The glue should remain active 2-3 months unless the board fills up before then. Be sure to replace filled traps or after 3 months; whichever comes first.

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