Silverfish Glue Trap 6 Pack

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Silverfish traps are used as a mechanical device to trap annoying silverfish, spiders and other pests. They may be placed in the pathways where pests are suspected to travel. When a silverfish walks inside, they’ll get stuck and cannot escape. Special pheromones and scent attract a variety of insect pests.

WHERE TO USE IT: In and around businesses and homes away from pets and children. Place them around doorways, windows, garages, basements, enclosed patios or anywhere silverfish activity is high and undesirable.

RATE OF APPLICATION: 2-3 per room which has activity. In the open, each trap has an effective range up to 20 feet (10 feet in each direction). In a pantry or cabinet, this range will be severely limited so use more when making hidden or sealed placements. The glue should remain active 2-3 months unless the board fills up before then. Be sure to replace filled traps or after 3 months; whichever comes first.

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