PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Captures spiders and other nuisance bugs from ceilings, walls, windows, bathtubs almost anywhere without a mess!  Cordless, 9V Bug Vac sucks-up live bugs from a distance, then disposes of them-without human contact.

FOR SPIDERS AND OTHER CRAWLING BUGS: Press button to start motor and approach the bug. When you get the end of the tube to within about one inch the bug should be sucked up at great speed. Turn the Bug Buster upright so the open end is pointing upwards. The bugs can’t crawl out, but for extra security replace the cover. Take the bug as far out as you want and remove the cap. Invert the tube at arm’s length near the ground to allow the bugs to escape.

FOR WASPS, BEES AND FLIES: Wait until the insect approaches a window and starts to “hover”. Remove the cap and start the motor by pressing the button and keep it pressed as you approach the insect. When you get close enough, the bug will be sucked rapidly into the tube. Replace the cap and release the button. Take the bug outside and remove the cap to release at arm’s length.

WHERE TO USE IT: Anywhere an unwanted pest can be found.  Especially useful on walls where you may not want to have a bug squashed into your paint.

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