PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: These setters are easy to use and very effective for any type of bodygrip trap. It features an anchor bar, located on the bottom of the frame, on which the trapper stands. This bar has a rough, sand paper finish so it stays anchored during spring compression. The main frame has a hook, located up to at the top of the setter, which is in a fixed position. The frame has a rod with a T-Top, located at the top of the setter, which is held in one hand of the trapper during spring compression. This same rod has another hook, located on the bottom of the rod, which slides up when the T-Top is pulled. The spring of the Bodygrip trap is placed between these two loops and compressed when the T-Top is pulled up. This setter is both easy to use and very effective. It will enable the trapper to make many sets in a very short amount of time. Though considered to be the new type of setter compared to the basic model, this design has gained wide spread acceptance.  The use of setters will save both time and injury.

WHERE TO USE IT: When setting any of the Bodygrip Traps.

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