SNAKE TRAP XL 24″ X 22″ X 12″

SNAKE TRAP XL 24" X 22" X 12"

TRAP DESCRIPTION: 22″ Wide x 12″ Tall x 24″ Long. It is better suited for large snakes which may be over 5 feet long. The entrance funnel (this is a one door trap) may be cut with wire cutters to allow extra large or thick snakes like water moccasins or rattle snakes to enter. There is a sliding door for easy snake removal. Bait with either a mouse, frog, fish or other food stuff the local snakes are feeding on.  A rectangular box made of galvanized metal to withstand rust and rot. It has a funnel type entrance which snakes can enter but cannot escape. By placing the trap in their path or where they are foraging, it’s pretty easy to get them to enter naturally without any lure or bait.

WHERE TO USE IT: This trap is best to use outside. It can be set along waterways such as streams and rivers. You will also catch snakes along fence rows, retainer walls or against the foundation of any home or building.

RATE OF APPLICATION: As many as needed. Generally, the more traps you have out at any time will enable you to catch more over a shorter period of time.
All sizes can have their entrances adjusted. Simply cut the wire cone entry hole to widen it for thick snakes. If needed, you can always thread it back together with thin wire.


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