NH6057 STARL CROW 5’X5’X6′

NH6057 STARL CROW 5'X5'X6'

TRAP DESCRIPTION: This is a very large trap measuring 5’L x 5’W x 6’T. Easy to assemble, set it out where these nuisance birds are collecting. Made of 1/4 x 1 steel rod, this trap has 15 panels which hinge together. It is durable and will last a lifetime.  Starlings will enter through the V-Top and will not be able to get out. This trap can hold many birds. It is suggested that you bait it with a lot of corn. Don’t remove the first few birds you get as these will serve you well for attracting others. Keep plenty of water and corn inside the trap to keep trapped birds fresh and comfortable. Side entrance allows for easy removal of trapped birds. Special funnel for the top sold as an extra will taper the entrance so that it will only work for sparrows. Either setup will enable you to catch hundreds of birds per setting. Leave it permanently set up to catch nuisance birds continuously.

WHERE TO USE IT: On a flat section of ground.

RATE OF APPLICATION: One setting can catch over 100 birds.