LIVE TRAP 5″ X 5″ X 18″

LIVE TRAP 5" X 5" X 18"

Item # 822155

TRAP DESCRIPTION: 5″Wide x 5″Tall x 18″Long. This trap is easy to use for both setting and releasing small animals. It has the small 1/2″ by 1″ mesh and a tight design so it is sure to hold flying squirrels and other small animals. Very durable and well designed. This trap also comes with all the same components that features a rear door which slides up, pictured below. This allows for quick and easy baiting, clean up and animal release.

WHERE TO USE IT: Anywhere activity is present. This could be in the yard around their burrows, by a tree or by a bird feeder. Generally, anywhere you have seen them or where you know their is activity.

RATE OF APPLICATION: Although one trap may be sufficient when dealing with less then five animals, use more for larger infestations.

$38.00   (822155) without rear door  (3+ $35.00)
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Item # 822158

$42.00   (822158) with rear door  (3+ $38.00 ea)
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