PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Slightly larger then the 3.5×3.5 version, this RE-EX is better suited for situations where a lot of animals may be trapped at one time. This is a unique trap which combines the features of the Excluding Valve and the Repeating Trap. Designed to both exclude and capture target animals like squirrels and rats, this trap is ideal for use where entry/exit holes are known to exist. This model features 4 flaps on one end which are placed over the hole through which the target animal is passing. The first section of the trap works as a one way valve allowing animals to exit but not enter the hole over which it is placed. Built with 1/2″ x 1″ mesh wire, it features a spring loaded door that will be pushed up and open allowing animals to pass through and exit the structure unharmed. Once out, the door will fall down behind them and they will find themselves in the mid section of the trap with doors on either side. The door behind them leads back into the home but they cannot use it. The door in front of them will allow them to pass through and as they do, they will funnel into the front section of the trap which is another holding area. Typically trapped animals will work their way to the front of the trap where they will remain till you remove them. Having two sections to hold animals allows the trap greater flexibility in that it can hold several at one time comfortably.

WHERE TO USE IT: Most commonly used on the sides of homes and other structures where animals like squirrels are active, these traps should be used outside. Mount them over entry holes by nailing or stapling the four flaps securely to the structure. Be sure to attach it well enough so it won’t move when animals pass through it’s doors. Also, since these traps can hold several animals, they can get a lot of weight inside them making it extra important to attach them well.

RATE OF APPLICATION: As many as needed. If you have two holes, two traps should be used. Each trap can hold several animals limited only by the size of the target animal. One can hold 4-7 grey squirrels and 10 or more flying squirrels.

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