PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:    Odorless concentrate added to your chemical tank mix to eliminate noxious chemical fumes. Can also be used to neutralize dead animal odor, smoke smells, insect pheromones (like Roaches, Moth Trap Pheromones, Stinkbug lures), animal feces (rat droppings, bat guano), animal urine (cat urine) and even animal scent trails used to find their way into your home.

WHERE TO USE IT:    For reducing the odor of chemical tank mixes, add 1 oz to your mix in a pump sprayer, back pack, spray bottle or power sprayer. The 1 oz vials are perfectly suited for this need.

For animal related odors, you’ll need 8 oz per gallon and should expect to get 500-750 sq/ft of coverage for use in attics, wall voids, floors, carpets, furniture, baseboards, countertops, around windows, house siding, foundations, cement and even on plants. T.O.N. won’t hurt plants so it can be safely applied around the home on the ground where trailing animals like to leave their mark.

For insects smells left by pests like stinkbugs, ladybugs, roaches, crickets, meal moths and more, 4 oz per gallon per 800 sq/ft can be sprayed, wiped or mopped over the surfaces where activity is most noted.

MIXTURE RATE:    Add 1 oz per gallon when mixing with insecticide solution. Each Vial contains 1 fluid oz. For animal odor, use 8 oz per gallon. For insect odors, 4 oz per gallon.

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