PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The Bird Intimidator is a professional grade avian deterrent which uses motion and bright flashing reflective surfaces to bother the eyes and senses of birds which in turn keep them from specific areas. Woodpeckers can cause serious damage to homes and other buildings and this will stop them immediately. But they also work for dock birds like gulls, geese and ducks as well as flocking birds like starlings and sparrows.

This deterrent is lightweight and needs very little air current to create a dynamic visual effect that frightens birds. Dimensions of the are 14″L x 4″ Wide. Comes with a 17″ mounting arm and anodized bolt for outside use.

WHERE TO USE IT: On the side of the home, tree, fence, deck, porch, dock or in the yard.

RATE OF APPLICATION: Space placements every Place 30-40 ft so at least two per side of the home.

$40.00 (748896)
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