PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The Scare Spider is a weather resistant “hairy” bird animal deterrent. Used to chase away WOODPECKERS, GEESE, DUCKS, SPARROWS, VULTURES and more, the Scare Spider comes in three sizes and can be mounted many ways.

FEATURES:   The Scare Spiders come in 3 sizes: The small Spider has a leg span of 12″. The Medium has a 3 foot wide leg span and the Large, a 4 foot leg span.

  • Weather Resistant body and Legs
  • Hairy Lifelook Fur
  • Adjustable “pipe cleaner” legs; easy to shape as desired for standing or cling mounts
  • 3 foot Clear Hang Wire and Window Suction Cup Hanger Included
  • Mount Band around Spider abdomen for Hang Wire or Safety Tether

WHERE TO DEPLOY:   Scare Spiders can be mounted on windows (using the included Window Suction Cup hanger) or set to “cling” on deck railing, columns, roof tops, etc.

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Using the included clear Hang Wire, tether the spider to the wire and to anchoring screws or nails. The included Suction Cup Mount works on windows.

COVERAGE:  The Small Spider is well suited for protecting a 10ft x 20 ft area, 1-2 windows and light or fan fixtures when targeting small birds.

The Medium and Large Spiders are well suited for large expanses and will scare any sized bird. Line of sight is important and so on a flat side of most any home, the 3 Ft or 4 Ft Spider can generally protect the entire side.

For large birds like VULTURES, the 4 Ft Spider set upright on roof tops or clinging to chimneys will chase them off.

WHERE TO USE IT:   On the side of the home, tree, fence, deck, porch, dock or in the yard.

RATE OF APPLICATION:  Space placements every 30-40 ft so at least 1 medium to large per side of the home. Small Spiders will cover 1/4 of an area compared to the large Spider.

$15.00   (748891KIT)(3+ $12.00)
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$25.00   (748893KIT)(3+ $23.00)
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$30.00   (748894KIT)(3+ $27.00)
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SUCTION CUPS (to mount spiders on windows)
$1.00   (953181)
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