PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Mechanical device which looks like a large spider and is activated by movement. When activated, it will release an 18 inch length of cord which causes it to drop down from where it is mounted. Motion, movement and vibrations will activate it like those created by a wood pecker which is either pecking for food or sounding for mating/marking territory. The device looks like a large spider complete with legs, head, eyes and mandibles. Two “AA” batteries power the spider and there is an on/off switch located on the bottom (batteries are not included with the Spider). You will need to use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the side panel for loading the batteries. This panel is located under the fur of the spider and held in place by Velcro. There are two eye hooks for mounting the spider onto siding of the home which are best suited for screwing into wood or stucco. Mount these above the area you want to protect and place the spider flat against the surface of the material you want to protect. When the nuisance animal returns the spider will be activated and this motion will scare away the target animal.

WHERE TO USE IT: Siding of the home or any structure, up under eaves and along window frames, moldings and fascia boards. Can also be used on trees, poles and other objects where you don’t want small animals or birds active. Try to keep the spider out of direct rainfall. Though it can tolerate getting damp or wet, repeatedly getting soaked due to rain or irrigation systems will lead to damage and component failure which is not covered by warranty.

RATE OF APPLICATION: One spider per 10 foot by 10 foot area. When used on windows, you will need one spider per window you want to protect.

$25.00   (748808)(3+ $20.00)
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SUCTION CUPS (to mount spiders on windows)
$1.00   (953181)
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