PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This is first of our true “commercial” units of the four. It will work equally well on any animal like Armadillo, Bats, Cats, Deer, Dog, Mice, Raccoon, Rats, Skunk, or Rabbit. Other features include the ability to power it by either the included AC converter or a 9-12 volt battery. The battery could be a deep cycle marine 12 volt boat type or some type of rechargeable battery in the 9-12 volt range. This model is best suited for indoor installations where a constant power supply via AC is available. That being said, it’s important to understand that some of the settings are truly ultra sound – not detectable by humans – but some of the settings may be heard by people. If you need to use one of the settings which can be heard (detectable by humans), you may want to make sure the unit is placed away from living areas and hidden in areas like attics or crawl spaces.

WHERE TO USE IT: This unit can be used Inside or Outside. When installing the unit outside, you can try one of the Ultra Sound settings at first. However, if this does not provide the results you expected, adjust it up to one of the audible settings. This is commonly needed due to the vast expanse of space involved when using sound repellents outside. In large open areas, it’s hard to get the alarming and irritating sound concentrated enough to effect target animals. In order to accomplish this, a wider range of frequency must be used which will result in the sounds being audible.

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