PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Powered by one 9 Volt Battery, this unit is activated by a Motion Detector so it’s not always on. Once activated, it will sound for 3 seconds then shut off.  Ultra Sound Device which emits sounds that are specifically designed to fall in the range of sound which cats find irritating. Most units like this have variable sounds which alter automatically or can be adjusted manually so that different target animals can be repelled. Not so with this unit. Instead of a variable range, this unit has one fixed sound that has been identified as the most effective to use when targeting cats.

Alternative power supply input possible. It has a built in receiver for a 9 Volt power supply so it can be powered from a wall outlet. The AC converter is not included.

WHERE TO USE IT: Inside or outside. Great for garden areas, flower beds, specific rooms in the house, bird feeder areas (won’t hurt or bother birds or other animals) and garages to keep cats off cars.

RATE OF APPLICATION: One unit for every 330 sq/feet you want to protect from cats and/or cat activity.  Expected battery life should be around 6 months.

$80.00   (747791)(3+ $72.00)
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