PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This is a true commercial unit known as the Yard Guard. It has features which make it ideal for outdoor applications. This unit has a built in motion detector. This detector has a range of 35 ft x 70 feet and the coverage of sound is about 4000 sq/ft. It has a wide range of settings and will prove effective for animals like Armadillo, Bats, Cats, Dogs, Deer, Mice, Rats, Raccoon and Skunk. It may also work for Squirrels. It comes with an AC power converter that can be used to power the unit via an electric outlet. The included cord is over 35 feet long. It can also be powered by 4 “C” cell batteries. Since the unit will only use power when activated, the batteries should last several months. The sound settings are adjusted by dialing a rotating switch located on the back of the unit. Target animals are all listed and can be “dialed” to as needed. There is also a slide switch for power options. These settings include Off, AC only and AC/Battery. When set to AC/Battery, the unit will use the batteries when electricity is not available so use this setting if you intend on powering it by batteries. This unit is weatherproof and should be installed where pest animals are actively seeking food or harborage.

WHERE TO USE IT: Ultra Sound is a sound which many animals can hear but has limitations. First, it is very much directional. This means you must be directly in it’s line – much like a beam of light from a flashlight – to hear it. Secondly, Ultra Sound does not penetrate anything well at all. This means it cannot go through walls, plants, around buildings, etc. It is effective only in the area directly in front of where a unit is placed and depending on the unit, anywhere from 1000 to 5000 sq/ft. Thirdly, Ultra Sound has a wide frequency range and generally one range which might bother one animal will not bother another. For this reason any good unit will either emit a variable sound pattern or allow you to adjust the setting.

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