PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Device which uses a motion detector to activate an alarm which in turn lets out a high pitched beep that will last 2-3 seconds. Use it to deter pets or nuisance animals from walkways, doorways, counter tops, automobiles, boats, campers, etc. Use it as a “scaring noise” for specific animals to keep them away from specific areas. You can also use it serve as a monitor so you will know nuisance animals are present. At this point you are able to take corrective action. Great for use on automobiles when you have a cat which likes to climb on them. Also good for keeping them off counter tops or out of certain rooms.

WHERE TO USE IT: Counter tops, on the hoods, trunks and roof tops of cars, boats, trucks, campers and at entrance ways to any room.

RATE OF APPLICATION: The effective range is 2-8 feet depending on the setting and surface on which it is applied. Metal surfaces like cars allows the motion to be detected over a larger area but one would be needed for both the trunk and hood since they are separate pieces. On carpeting, the range is “muffled” and is only a foot or so. Any hard surface or material will serve to allow the vibration to be detected that much faster.

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