DEET 100%

DEET 100%

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  100% low odor 2 oz deet is the strongest protection you can get. Ideal for areas of extreme bug density or other extreme conditions. Use it on clothing, mosquito or head nets. This is the only true “low odor” 100% deet on the market.

• Field-tested to offer proven effectiveness against bugs for up to 10 hours
• Protects exposed skin against mosquitoes, chiggers, ticks, deer flies, black flies, stable flies, gnats and fleas
• Can be applied to shoes, socks and some clothing

A little goes a long way… so use as needed. There is little reason to use anything other than 100% deet. You can control dosage by using a smaller amount rather than a lower concentration. Lower concentrations have more alcohol, which increases absorption and causes more skin irritation.

WHERE TO USE IT: On your skin.

RATE OF APPLICATION: Generally every 5-7 hours or as needed. The mist applicator allows for uniform and proper treatment and you only need a squirt or two per leg and arm.

$20.00  2 oz (745166)(3+ $18.00 ea)
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