PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Liquid, odorless concentrate which is added to water and applied to areas where target pests are active. Effective on a range of bugs including bed bugs, roaches, pantry beetles, weevils, moths and more, gentrol can be applied in cabinets, pantries and anywhere pests are active.

Once in place, gentrol will last 3-6 months and effectively prevent larval stages from properly developing into adults. Essentially a protein, Gentrol is odorless and safe to use in the home making it ideal for long term control of pests.

WHERE TO USE IT: Just about anyway inside or outside the home where bugs are likely to be active and want to nest.

RATE OF APPLICATION: 1 bottle per gallon of water will effectively treat 800-1200 sq/ft.

$12.00   1 oz  (454333)(3+ $10.00 ea)
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