PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Dry, odorless, white granule which is in the boron (boric acid) family. The key to it’s success is that unlike regular boric acid which will break down within a month of two of being applied, this material is designed to release slowly thus providing over a year of protection. This “time released” structure makes it both active for such a long time as well as enabling the granules to remain in carpeting without being vacuumed up. The rough and protective time released granules are able to “bond” to carpet fibers thus preventing them from being vacuumed away during the year as carpets are cleaned. Once applied, you won’t see them yet they will be hard at work desiccating flea eggs and larva. Side by side they might look like rock or margarita salt but in actuality, they are safer than all salts. If safety is your number one concern, then use this product. Remember, it won’t kill the adults (one of the trade-offs of having something so safe) but they will last a long time – the longest of any method – and once the cycle is broken, it will remain broken and you won’t have to worry about any fleas being able to survive in treated areas!

WHERE TO USE IT: Carpet. The thicker the carpet the longer it will bond and last. Don’t forget to treat under furniture cushions, area rugs and ordinary floor mats. Pet bedding should also be treated.

TARGET PESTS: Fleas and other carpet dwelling insects.

RATE OF APPLICATION: 1 lb covers up to 500 square feet. Simply sprinkle it out, broom it in, wait 2 days before you vacuum and you have treated the home for fleas for one full year.


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