PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: White powder which has no odor and is fine like talc powder. Easy to apply and will float into all the little places on plant life where caterpillars like to hide. Holds up to moisture better than any dust, works quickly and can last several weeks in dry environments when used inside.

TARGET PESTS: Just about all insects including caterpillars.

WHERE TO USE IT: On any plant, flower, shrub, tree or plant where aphids are active. Can also be used on inside plants as well.

RATE OF APPLICATION: 1 lb treats 500-1000 sq/ft. This is hard to equate to plant life but for most garden and plant rows, expect to be able to effectively and treat an area which is 30 feet long by 3-5 feet deep. There are many factors which play into just how much coverage you will actually get since plants all vary with just how much surface area they actually have. Of course, surface area is determined by how many limbs they have, how high the plant is, etc. If you need some help gauging how much you need, send us an e-mail with a brief description of the area you want to treat and we will try to calculate an approximate usage estimation. You can also call for help.


Supporting Video

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