Powered Foundation Vents Features:
• 8″ x 16″ to fit into a standard block opening
• Completely screened, front and back
• No mortar required for installation
• Three-prong plug for easy hook-up
• Totally enclosed, thermally protected motor
• U.L. recognized and CSA certified

Radon Reduction:
Temp-Vent’s positive pressure Radon Vent is a convenient and economical method to reduce radon in crawlspace homes. The fan forces outside air into the foundation to help remove radon before it penetrates into the home.  It also reduces the amount of radon emission from the soil entering the crawlspace.

Radon Model 1550 rpm PRQM – Black Only
Radon, Quiet .5 amps, 115 volts
7,200 cubic ft./hr.

To Calculate Powered Vent Requirements:
1 ) Multiply the square feet of the crawlspace by the height in feet. This gives the number of cubic feet in the crawlspace.

2 ) Multiply the cubic feet in the crawlspace by the number of air changes per hour desired (4-6 is the recommendation). This gives the total number of cubic feet of air that has to be moved per hour to produce the desired number of air changes per hour.

3 ) Divide this number by either 7,200 or 11,160, depending upon which model is being used, to obtain the number of powered vents needed.

$120.00   (288092)
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