PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Two styles of Liquid Guards we have available. Though either can be used independent of the other, most applications will benefit if both styles are employed. These are small capsules which are able to hold about 1/2 ounce of urine. They are made from a strong plastic and have an attached cap which can be removed for easy filling. The Capsules are used by placing them in the ground straight down. Make sure they are pushed down far enough so the tops are flush with the ground. Make these placements every foot to get proper coverage. At this point the included Eye Dropper is used to fill each capsule. Once filled, the capsule should be capped. There are two small holes just below the cap on each side of the capsule which will allow the urine to slowly evaporate and release it’s odor. The capsule caps will protect the contents from rain and sun.

WHERE TO USE THEM: Gardens, flowerbeds, walk ways, around pools, along fence lines, under decks, around sheds or your home. In most cases, a combination of both the larger style  and the capsule style will prove to be most effective. However, if you need to make discreet placements, the capsule style will prove to be your best investment. When you need to make larger placements, the larger style will serve you better.

RATE OF APPLICATION: When using the larger style, fill them with 2-4 ounces and place one every 10 feet. More can be used but 2-4 ounces should last 1-2 months. When using the capsule style, fill them with 1/2 ounce and make placements every foot. This will provide 5-6 ounces being installed every 10 feet so you will have to refill the capsules more frequently. Remember that the use of either style will allow you to get much longer life from urine applications. When urine is placed out on the ground without using guards, it might only last 2-3 weeks. When used with either guard, applications will last 2-3 times as long. Most importantly, placements will slowly dissipate instead of having it all get washed away which can happen when placed out unprotected and there is a heavy rain. Placements in guards can stand up to this weather pattern.

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