SOLO 454 HEAVY DUTY SPRAYER:   This is our One Gallon Pump Sprayer which is clearly our biggest seller. We have it custom built to our specifications which includes an adjustable brass nozzle, a check flow filter located at the nozzle which prevents dripping when the valve is shut off in addition to filtering the flow and a relief valve located on top of the tank. The heavy duty poly tank is both UV protected and thick enough to withstand a lot of abuse. It comes with a fixed pin stream tip and a fixed fan pattern tip as well in case the adjustable is just not able to get the right flow for your application. The wand is very durable, the spray handle features a lock on setting for continuous spraying and it is very easy to maintain and repair. We offer a lifetime warranty on this sprayer which means if if ever breaks we will repair it free of charge for as long as you own it! This sprayer is great for most applications in and around the home and can be used to apply just about any of our products. Optional pressure gauge, spray boom and relief valve cap are available.

$40.00   (287732)
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