Bugspray No Pump Sprayer 40 Feet

BUGSPRAY “NO PUMP” SPRAYER DETAILS:   This very unique sprayer is simple yet very good, easy to use and one of our “favs” for applying insecticides to your homes exterior and landscape (its too powerful for use inside). Ideally suited for spraying horizontally 35-40 feet, it has no moving parts other than the valve you hold for spraying and the adjustable brass “bullet” nozzle.

DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHTS:  The 2.5 gallon weighs 6 lbs empty, stands 17″ tall and is 8″ wide. The 5 gallon is the same width, 8″, stands 25″ high and weighs 9 lbs empty. Water weighs about 8 lbs a gallon so the small unit is about 14-15 lbs when filled and has the hose/valve connected. The larger model with 2 gallons of water will weigh about 26-27 lbs with the hose/valve connected.

HOW DOES IT WORK:  This sprayer is essentially a tank that can hold water, chemical and up to 130 psi of air. The top lid has a clamp and rubber gasket that seats on the “inside” of the sprayer so as you fill it with air, the seal will naturally remain in place, nice and tight.

The top has 3 “ports” (pic below). The port to the far left is used to fill the tank with air. Using any electric air pump (the kind you would use the fill tires on your car), you can safely pressurize this sprayer up to 80 psi. The tank is rated for up to 130 lbs but the relief valve will only allow you to fill it to 80-90 psi before it starts to release. This happens as a safety precautionary action.

The center is the “lid” which simply clamps on/off so no “screwing” a pump or collar onto the sprayer is needed to open/close the top. Simply unclamp it the lid, add water and chemical and then clamp the lid back on.

The lid has a relief valve mounted to it which serves two purposes. First, if you are filling the sprayer with too much air, the relief valve will release the air once you get over 80-90 psi. The tank is built to handle up to 130 lb but we do not recommend going over 80 psi. For our tests, 80 psi will provide enough of a “charge” so you can spray up over 30 feet AND still have enough pressure to empty the tank of its mixture assuming you use 1.5 or less gallons of mixed solution. Now given most people are 5 feet tall and can stretch their arms, reaching 35+ feet from the ground is easy and on a ladder? Even higher.

The connection port on the far right is for the quick connector that attaches to the 20 foot coiled hose and spray valve. This quick connector easily snaps off/on making sprayer maintenance and storage a breeze.


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HOW TO USE THE NO PUMP SPRAYER:  So a few things we recommend for using this sprayer safely and effectively.

1) For normal use around the home, 50-60 psi should be enough for you empty the tank assuming you only add 1 gallon of mixed product. True, the sprayer can “hold” 2.5 gallons of liquid but you need room for the air. Our tests show that 50-60 psi will pump out an entire gallon of spray allowing you to reach 25-30 feet heights while standing on the ground and reaching up.

2) For reaching 40+ feet or higher targets, pressurize the sprayer to 80 psi and again, mix up only what you plan on using and no more than 1 gallon of mixed solution at one time so the tank has enough room left to store all the needed “air”. Use a 5-10 foot step ladder to add the extra “reach”. One charge of 80 psi is enough to get the entire mixture to spray out so you don’t have to be concerned about constantly recharging.

3) When the mixture “runs” out, empty the air pressure inside the tank by holding the valve open OR using the relief valve mounted on the center lid by pulling on the circle ring. You’ll “hear” the air release within a few seconds. Once the air it all released, you can “unclamp” the lid and either refill or clean the tank and hose for safe storage.

4) To clean the system for storage, we recommend adding 32-64 oz of water, swirling it around in the open tank (no lid on) and then dumping out the mixture alongside the home. Do this twice. Now add 32-64 more oz of water to the sprayer and pressurize it so you can then pump out whats inside through the hose assembly. This will in turn purge the hose, get the tank mostly empty as well as the hose and valve so it can be safely stored. When storing DO NOT lock the lid back on. Leave the lid off so the tank can air out and dry.

In summary, this sprayer is well suited for anyone who would like to use a sprayer without having to continuously “pump” pressure into the tank. Its also great for anyone needing spray up high but has no need for a battery operated professional back pack sprayer that typically costs $500+. Our design relies on air pressure to disperse the contents and can empty a tank with 1 to 1.5 gallons of mixture with just one charge when you follow the guidelines above.


Remember, this sprayer is really helpful for when you need to spray up “high”, like 40 feet or more and/or if you are needing to treat remote locations where you can’t drag a garden hose.

Now if you have strong water pressure AND a really long hose, our 6 GALLON HOSE END SPRAYER can use the power of your water spigot to spray up onto the siding of any home and is well suited for many applications. But you will need strong water pressure and a long hose to get the job done.

Conversely, our “NO PUMP” sprayer is entirely portable, durable and very easy to set up and use. For sure it costs more but compared to the commercial battery operated back pack sprayers commercial applicators use, this one costs half as much and is well suited for any homeowner or business person needing to periodic treatments.

3 GALLON SETUP (remember to only fill it with 1 to 1.5 gallons of mixed solution so you leave room for air)
$425.00   (287757)
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5 GALLON SETUP (remember to only fill it with 2 to 2.5 gallons of mixed solution so you leave room for air)
$395.00   (287774)
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