20 Gallon Hose End SprayerSPRAYER DESCRIPTION:     Sprayer which attaches to any garden hose and is controlled by an easy off/on switch on top. When pushed forward, the valve will be closed. When turned clockwise (straight up), the valve will be on and if the water supply is turned on as well, the sprayer will begin to spray. When closed, nothing will happen. When you want to make a chemical application using this sprayer, first add the product you want to spray.

OPERATING DIRECTIONS:  1) Place proper amount of chemical (powder or liquid) into jar to make desired number of gallons to be sprayed. Fill jar with proper amount of water for gallons to be sprayed. This sprayer can used to spray from 1-20 mixed gallons of solution. Once the desired amount of chemical and water have been added to the holding tank, stir well before reconnecting sprayer head (see mixture example).

2) Attach sprayer head to jar to prevent spillage. Firmly thread hose-end connector to the end of garden hose. Turn water valve (counterclockwise) to OFF position. This will be the forward position. Turn on water faucet.

3) To spray your mixture, turn the valve (clockwise) to the ON position. Valve must be fully open for best results. To apply your mixed solution, turn the valve back to the WATER position. To shut off water turn back to the OFF position.

MIXTURE EXAMPLE:  If chemical calls for 1 tablespoon per gallon and you want 5 gallons of finished spray, place 5 tablespoons of product into jar and fill with water to the 5 gallon mark on side of jar.

CLEANUP:  Clean sprayer and jar after each use to prevent mixture and contamination between different chemicals. Rinse jar and refill with clean water, and spray for approximately 1 minute.

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