PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Electric fogging machine which takes liquid material and converts it to a mist. This mist is then directed over an air space where mosquitoes are active. The mist or fog will quickly kill flying mosquitoes, gnats and other flying pests. It has a variable rate control which can be adjusted from low to high. This same switch can be turned to off so the machine will blow out all the material which is in it’s system. This is a great feature because if used, you greatly reduce the problem of leaving material in the foggers system too long which will lead to clogging. The adjustable flow rate also allows you to turn the rate down to a low setting. This is needed when doing applications in tight spaces where too much fog will cause material to come back at the applicator. It’s tank is over one gallon and it runs on 110 volts. 220 volt models are available as special orders. The other most popular unit we sell. Both water and oil based chemicals can be used.

TARGET PESTS: Mosquitoes, flies and other flying insects although it can be used inside crawl spaces, attics and living areas for crawling pests as well.

WHERE TO USE IT: Inside or outside.

RATE OF APPLICATION: It pumps 9 ounces per minute and will be able to treat 1/2 acre in around 10 minutes. For dense foliage, expect to get 1/4 to 1/2 acre treated per gallon of finished material. For sparse areas with less plants and nest sights expect to get 1/2 to one acre of coverage per gallon.

$350.00   (283223)
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