PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Duster which is able to reach over 25 feet up the sides of structures. The unit is over 21 feet long when fully assembled which means the average person is able to reach over 25 feet up for applying dust. Extra extension poles are available for even higher reach. The Dustick comes with a pump handle which is used to blow the dust out, 4 extensions which are over 4 feet long each and the dust tank which sits on top. When you pump the handle it forces air through the extensions which blows dust out the dust tank on top. It also comes with a handy carrying bag. This device is excellent for use around the outside of any structure for applying dust up under siding, soffits, around shutters, facia boards, under shingles, around gutters and just about any time you need to get dust up high without having to climb a ladder or when a ladder is not usable. Perfect for treating bee and wasp nests – whether you need to treat a nest directly or if you have to pump the dust up under siding.


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