PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Two piece sturdy plastic bait station designed to hold gel or granular insect bait. Each station measures 2.5″ wide by 2.5″ long. They have 6 ports large enough to allow insect to enter like ants, roaches or silverfish. The two piece design comes part easily and once filled with gel or granules, can be sealed and placed out where insects are active.

Place gel or granular bait inside where it will remain protected from harsh UV light, dust and other contaminates. Great for use in cabinets, pantries, dresser drawers, around appliances and basically anywhere you don’t want to put out loose bait.

WHERE TO USE THEM: Gardens, flowerbeds, walk ways, around pools, along fence lines, under decks, around sheds or your home. In most cases, a combination of both the larger style and the capsule style will prove to be most effective. However, if you need to make discreet placements, the capsule style will prove to be your best investment. When you need to make larger placements, the larger style will serve you better.

$10.00   (6 pack) (3+ $8.00)(287885)
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