PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Wheat germ looking bait granule which uses some type of protein attractant that carpenter ants love. It has a slight odor like a type of pet food if you open the container and smell it. However, once applied, you cannot smell it nor detect it is present. Furthermore, because it is a bait, Carpenter Ant Granules are among the safest material that can be used for this pest.

WHERE TO USE IT: Outside around the perimeter of the home making sure you don’t get it too close to where you applied any of the liquid foundation treatments since that product will contaminate the bait. You can also use it in turf, around the base of trees, along fence rows, on railroad ties, garden dividers and basically anywhere you see activity and don’t want carpenter ants to get established.

RATE OF APPLICATION: 1 lb of the granules is enough to treat up to 1 acre. However, when treating around a tree or other areas where you are seeing a lot of trailing ants, be sure to use at least 1.5 – 3 ounces just to insure they gather up enough product to knock them out.

$35.00   (153464) 8 oz
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$100.00   (153462) 2 lbs
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