PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Yellow gel, syrupy or “loose” which comes in a syringe for application. Unique product in how it works. Basically, the main attractant, honeydew, is something carpenter-ants will readily accept as it is necessary for their young. When applied, the ants will find it quickly, gather up as much as they can, bring it back to their nests and distribute it to their young. The young will immediately eat it and their excrement will then in turn kill the entire nest! Within days, the nest will be dead.


Strange as it might sound, if you have European Hornets “girdling” a local tree, deck or other piece of wood on your property, you can use this gel to effectively control the damage and eliminate the hornets. Place small dabs where they are girdling. They’ll readily accept the gel, bring it back to their nests and within a few days they’ll be gone. NOTE: RANDOMLY PLACING BAIT WILL NOT WORK!! YOU MUST HAVE SPECIFIC LOCATIONS WHERE THEY ARE ACTIVELY GIRDLING FOR THE BAIT TO BE ACCEPTED!

WHERE TO USE IT: Inside or outside. Where ant activity is highest. Apply it in the evening when carpenter ants get busy for the night. This will allow for quick acceptance and longer life of the product since extreme temperatures will break it down.

RATE OF APPLICATION: A dab every foot, with more placements where ant activity is greatest. One tube provides 30-60 placements. PLEASE NOTE: The gel will go bad in about 2 weeks once applied. Be sure to keep applications fresh and clean. DO NOT STORE IN TEMPERATURES OVER 100 DEGREES OR IT WILL GO BAD WITHIN A FEW WEEKS – EVEN IF THE TUBE IS NOT OPEN. Expect ants to be feeding on it within a day or two so be prepared to replace diminished amounts as needed. Unused amounts, when stored in 50-80 degrees, will last up to a year.

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