PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Water trap which uses light, pheromones and food lure to attract unwanted Bugs (no pheromone lure for stinkbugs yet but the light alone works great). It features a specially designed funnel top which “channels” the bugs inside the plastic base. Basically when they try to land on the blue top they’ll slide down into the water filled holding tank where they’ll drown. Be sure to add 1 oz of liquid dish detergent to the holding tank. This will cause any bugs inside to quickly fall into the water column and drown. The funnels also store a small ladybug pheromone lure just below the special UV light. This light attracts a wide range of nuisance bugs and though you should keep it on 24 hours a day, it tends to work best at night when other light sources are low or non existent. The light is powered with the included AC power cord that plugs into any standard wall socket. Each trap can hold hundreds of bugs. Watch our “product spotlight” video below to see a detailed explanation on trap setup.

WHERE TO USE IT: Mostly inside the home though it can be used in protected decks, patios and sun rooms.

RATE OF APPLICATION: One trap per room with activity.

$60.00   (826068)(3+ $50.00 ea
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$10.00   (826069) Bulb for Asian Ladybug Trap
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$12.00   (826070) (2 Ladybug Lues)
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Supporting Video

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